About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Hello there! Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

About Me in a Nutshell

My tryst with writing began when I penned a short story casually when I was in my 5th grade and it went on to win a huge prize at a story writing competition. I am profoundly interested in technology, literature, nature, art and minimalistic life. An ambivert by nature, I would love to use a paper and a pen to take on my emotions and express them. I cannot really explain myself completely, because, to be honest, I cannot find the exact words to put it into writing. But if you read my blogs and my writings, you might find some pieces of the puzzle.

My Passion

Writing gives me a sense of emancipation and it is one of the oldest means of communications. Symbols turned into alphabets, alphabets evolved into words, and words were arranged to form sentences, and sentences were linked to create masterpieces. While that is something I am trying to do, I do agree modestly that I am not an expert writer and that I am just taking baby steps to establish my career in writing.

What I do Otherwise

When I am not in front of my computer with a cup of coffee and staring at a blank word processor, I would mostly be reading an old book, listening to some soothing music or driving without a destination. If not for these, I would be found gaming or taking a stroll down the street.

Why You Should Follow My Blog

There is no real reason you should follow my blog. The topics that I write on might be controversial, uninteresting or might conflict with your views. If you like what I am doing, then please show it by subscribing to my blog. If you don’t really like it, I appreciate and respect your views as well, so you can just move on. Kindly avoid lame comments, though.

Thank you for your time! Keep Visiting!