The Ambedkar Irony – Celebrated with Statues, Rubbished of His Ideals

It is more than a hundred years since India’s very own legend was born. I see politicians flocking to an Ambedkar statue near my house, garlanding him every few hours and driving away in their lavish SUVs. The statue was painted sometime back, but I have no idea who is maintaining it.

Even as the entire nation celebrates Ambedkar Jayanthi, what saddens me is that it has all ended with garlanding his statue. Ambedkar is one of India’s first modern scholars. His education is probably unfathomable to anyone even with ten PhD degrees at present. Ambedkar was the first person who tried to abolish casteism in India. He framed the constitution, which aimed to promote unity among Indians, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Overthrown by a Conservative Government

If Ambedkar were probably alive today, he would dread his life and his works. The majority of India’s population is now stupid. We have voted for and lifted up a government that is so conservative in its regard, that it has no idea what it is even doing. They have removed laws which have never existed. Ambedkar was a Dalit scholar, but our government is killing a lot of Dalit Scholars today. Rohit Vemula is a perfect example.

“India is a socialist, secular and democratic republic” – The Constitution

Take a step back and look at the way our country is functioning today. We have yogis, babas and Godmen ruling us. We have cults that are being given grants by the government to ruin nature. In a country which was formed to celebrate socialism, secularism and liberalism, here we are today.

ambedkar and modi

You cannot walk along the road in one of India’s biggest states with someone of a different sex by your side. You cannot follow your own religion. More than everything, you can also be killed if you refrain from any religion. You will be murdered and buried along with your free thoughts if you even attempt to post something on social media. The constitution is not respected anymore by the government that is ruling us.

Ideals Rubbished, Name Celebrated

Ambedkar would have never demanded a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, but the same people who are flocking to garland him today demand one. Ambedkar would have never neglected agriculture to build huge buildings on fertile land in the name of development. His ideals are rubbished today, but the political parties are here, trying to play ‘angel’ and portray their respect for Ambedkar.

Being a great name in Indian polity, there is no offence in his name being celebrated. But we are living amongst terrorist organisations that run legally in the name of religion, gau rakshas disguised as animal protectors and illiterate men and women who are religiously powered ruling the nation.

Ambedkar’s name is definitely to be celebrated. But hey, what the hell happened to his ideals?